From Gold Rush to Leisure Rush

1930’s to 1940’s


Hoberg’s continued to draw an assortment of big names and celebrities. Clark Gable vacationed there, as did members of the San Francisco 49ers and San Francisco Seals. In 1940, an airport was built nearby to accommodate guests from around the world.


The resort featured a bowling alley, tennis courts, swimming pools, the Pine Bowl, an outdoor dance floor, and a dining hall that could accommodate up to 1,000 guests for dinner.


During the World War II era, Hoberg’s Resort became world famous, and hosted guests that included everyone from politicians, musicians, wealthy businessmen and famous scientists to artists and musicians. Sitting California governors vacationed there, staying in a governor’s mansion that was built on the property.


1950’s to 1970’s


In 1950, Hoberg’s became Northern California’s largest privately owned resort. The Main Lodge became the landmark icon of the property. At its height, the Hoberg’s Resort hosted more than 1,000 guests per night. Entertainers like Tommy Dorsey, Xavier Cugat and Merv Griffin came to play there.


The staff grew to include 30 waitresses, 15 maids, 10 bartenders, a 12-piece orchestra, a staff of 20 in the coffee shop, a swim instructor, a physician in residence, a barber, hairdressers and staff for a general store.

➢    1920's Luther Burbank spends several vacations in the "Spring" cabin (Donna Hoberg 2007:96)

➢    1927-28 George and Paul Hoberg residences built (add-ons made through the 1940's) (Hoberg 2015)

➢    1928 Max turned over Hoberg's operation to his three sons (George, Paul, and Frank) (Mauldin n.d.: 8171)

➢    1929 Hoberg Post Office opens and stays in business till 1962 when mail is transferred to Cobb (Mauldin n.d.: 7956)

➢    1930's Large tiled pool, large dining hall, and general store built (Donna Hoberg 2007:104, Hoberg-Fox 2015)

➢    1932 Frank Hoberg's house built east of Highway (Hoberg-Fox 2015). 1934 The Hoberg sons, Captain Olson and his son Ernie buy Seigler Springs Resort (Oscar Hoberg 1950:11, Mauldin n.d.: 6855) 

➢    1936 Fire burns 80 cottages and half of the Pine Grove (Mauldin n.d.: 8172, Hoberg-Fox 2015)

➢    1940 Heavyweight boxing champ Max Baer vacations at Hoberg's (Donna Hoberg 2007:102). 1943-44 Hoberg Brothers buy most of Seigler Valley (Mauldin n.d.: 2762) 

➢    1945-46 Spanish Row cabins built (Hoberg-Fox 2015) 

➢    1946 A runway is built in Seigler Valley (Hoberg's Airport). Western Airlines flew in and out and the Hoberg brothers owned 4 small passenger planes (Mauldin n.d.: 2762, Donna Hoberg 2007:99, Oscar Hoberg 1950:14) 

➢    1947 Hoberg's has 65 cabins, and adds a gift shop, coffee shop, and barber shop 

➢    1948 Hoberg brothers sell their interest in Seigler Springs to the Olson’s. 1940's-50's Celebrities at Hoberg's included Tommy Dorsey and his band, Xavier Cugat and his orchestra, Merv Griffin singing with Fred Martin's band, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Sal Carson and his orchestra, and actor Leo Carrillo. Vacationing politicians included the Mayor of San Francisco and California Governor Earl Warren (Donna Hoberg 2007:101). 

➢    1950's A smaller kids pool is built (Hoberg-Fox 2015) 

➢    1956 New 7,000 sq. ft. auditorium completed that can seat 1,000 (Mauldin n.d.: 2317). 

➢    1957 Lake County buys the Hoberg Airstrip (Mauldin n.d.: 6855)

➢    1960's Decline of resort begins as San Francisco tourists decide to travel farther and expect more attractions 

➢    1971 Hoberg's Resort closes down after 95 years of service 

➢    1971-72 State of California leases the resort as a boarding school for the handicapped 

➢    1974 Hoberg's is sold to the Maharishi International University